XQuery Result Peculiarity

When I am using TII to perform a particular Xquery, it returns me an errenous result as shown in the attached file.

It seems that the originally correct XML result got messed up when it is being displayed in IE. (See the element which got chopped.)

And this only happens when I use “sort by” clause.

Also, for any particular query, the error always happened at one of the few fixed positions of the returned result. But as for which position that such error happen, it’s random. (For example, the “chopped off” always happen at the x-th, y-th or z-th record. But it is not definite.)

NB: When I access xquery through JScript, the error manifests itself as “No data is available for the requested resource”.

What is the cause?


I think the next thing I’d try would be to execute the query using a different access method (eg. curl, or TII in a different browser like Firefox) to see what happens, to make sure it isn’t just a problem with IE.

I have tried using FireFox to access TII and submit the same query, and it worked fine. I have searched on net and it seems that the problem lies with the bug in IE XSL stylesheet. So for developers, we can use Firefox to access TII, fine.

But the problem now is that when I use JScript to get the Query Result from Tamino, the “No data is available for the requested resource” error remains. May I know whether Tamino JS API implementation depends on the browser’s style sheet when getting the query result? If so, any way to avoid the above problem?


From other messages I assume that you are using the TaminoLib.js library to access Tamino in JScript.

You also appear to say that the access works within the intranet but not from the internet?

Would that not imply a security/communications problem? For instance a firewall or proxy configuration?

Could you post a simple example of the JScript source that you are using the demonstrates the problem you see?