Fail to connect to Queue Manager

I am trying to create the MQ connection on IS server 6.1 to connect to the local Queue Manager (installed on the same server) but I am getting the following error.
[ART.118.5036] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to configure connection manager.
[ADA.600.3033] Connection to Queue Manager lnktwm001 could not be initialized; cc=2,rc=2009.

It seems that webMethods could not able to locate the Queue Manager at all. It could not able to retrieve the list of the queues also from the queue Manager.

I have copied the 2 jar files and pcf.jar in WmMQ/lib/jars and IntegrationServer/lib/jars directory.

Does anyone knows what the issue here is ?

Thanks for your help.

Search the web for queue manager error codes. “cc” is “completion code”. “rc” is “return code”. The descriptions found may give you some idea on what is not configured properly.

Hi - I suspect above issue may due to missing MQ updates/fixes

Faced the similar issue, after applying below fixed, could able to enable the MQ connections


even if the thread is quite old now:

MQ Adapter 6.5 is not applicable to IS 6.1.

Is there a firewall between IS and MQ-Server?


Hi Holger - Thanks. The MQ fixes provided in my earlier thread is from wM 8.2 version

Currently migrated from 8.2 to 9.8, even after applying fix MQ Adapter 6.5 Fix 31 getting the error cc=2, rc=2397, planning to restart the MQ server

I think there is no firewall between IS and MQ server


Hi Ganesh,

latest available Fix for MQ Adapter is MQS_6.5_Fix33.

Which version of MQ Client jars are you using?

For recent versions of MQ Client Jars (7.x and above) you will require 5 Jars:


It is sufficient to place them under WmMQAdapter/code/jars and reload the package afterwards.


Noted, Thanks Holger

Current Adapter version is 6.5 (Adapters → WebSphere MQ Adapter → About)
JCA Spec version - 1.0

Do we have option to check the MQ client jar version from IS?

One more query - Is this reason code related with authentication? - cc=2,rc=2397
Referenced link - Troubleshooting IBM MQ Java/JMS SSL Configurations


Hi Ganesh,

this has to do with encryption/SSL transport layer as well as Authentication by using client certificate.

Please contact the Administrator of the Queue Manager to give to you the certifiacte and the CA for the QueueManager.
Additionaly ask them which CipherSpec to use:
NULL_SHA Authentication only
Unfortunately I do not have the TLS CipherSpec available.

Configure the Certicate as a Keystore and the CA as a Truststore under Security → Keystores in the IS Admin UI.

Assign these Aliases to your connection and provide the passwort for the Keystore.


Hi Ganesh,

for detecting the Version of the Jars:

Open with a ZIP-compatible program.
Go to META-INF folder and open the MANIFEST.MF file with a text editor.

In this file you will find the followin entries (beneath others):
Implementation-Version: - p750-002-130627


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Thanks for your support Holger - appreciate it

Below is the latest recommendations provided

  1. Issue is due to the mismatch between the IS 9.8 JVM SSL version and MQ server
  2. IS 9.8 will be using TLS as its been shipped with JVM 9.8

Temporary workaround:
1.Allow IS to use SSLv3 by manually disabling it - to comment jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms=SSLv3 from /jvm/jvm/jre/lib/security/

1.This is the not the best solution, Poodle vulnerability is present in SSLv3
2.Recommend MQ server admin to enable TLS support on MQSeries