MQ Listeners not loading in the IS Admin Page

Hi ,

I moved the MQ connections and listeners packages from one DEV IS to another as a part of migration to new servers in the same environment. I am able to see the MQ connections get loaded in the IS Admin page , but the MQ listeners are not getting loaded. I get the following error.

Error encountered

[ART.115.3220] Adapter Runtime (Listener): Unable to get list of listener types supported by node wmMQAdapter.

Did I miss any SAG fix for MQ. I found it was loading find in our CIT and QA environments . Kindly provide me a solution to resolve this.

Found a KB article:KB #: 1748495 similiar to your error code but for SAP adapter related.

Try this resolution and check if this works for you also:


Analysis of the stack trace indicates that the error is coming from WmArt.
Recommended copying the WmArt package from another environment that’s on same fix level and version.

After copying over the WmArt package they start to see error such as missing listener. They found out that another packages have listener notifications that point to a none existing listener since that listener was already deleted. If they disable those packages then they are able to see the other listener in SAP Adapter admin page.

Ask them to create a new listener with the same name as the listener which has already been deleted and is use by the existing listener notification then enable they package that contain those notification again.

Issue is resolve. I cannot reproduce in house therefore I think the problem is due to something wrong with the their WmArt package.


Thanks RMG it worked. I replaced the WmMQAdapter package from another environment with same fix level.

Glad to hear it resolved!

the file node.ndf might be corrupt


to solve this Problem
• backup node.ndf
• delete node.ndf
• create Listener new manually with IS Admin

Hi all,

just to get a clear picture:

Which Version of MQ Adapter with which Fixes were affected.

There have been some major modifications between MQS_6-5_Fix20 and MQS_6-5_Fix30 for certain things, i.e.:

  • Support for Keystores and Truststores for wM 8.2 and newer.
  • changes to certain input and output parameters from String to Object.
  • Support for TLS cipher specs