FA Reconciliation issue


We receive VICS 810 and VICS 850 from a partner and following are the properties set for FA in TPA Inbound.
FA Reconciliation - true
autoGenerateFA - true
FALevel - Default
processDocument - All
generateControlNumber - FromControlNumberTable
addGroup - true

I see a VICS Envelope (contains FA) in the TN Transactions and the processing rule being invoked delivers the document to the partner through VAN.
Everything works well till here, but the FA Reconciliation does not happen at all.

When I look at the activity log for this document the first activity that is logged is to invoke the processing rule.

Why isnt the FA reconiliation happening, is there something I’m missing ?
Why isnt this document processed using the TPA ?

When I submit the same document to TN directly the reconciliation is happening.

Please guide me in resolving this issue!


check which processing rule invoked by FA, and which service it called. Then check what is the service doing.

The processing rule is a public queue which delivers the envelope to the partner thru VAN

Are you sure the inbound document using TPA when you are testing manually submit vs when coming from VAN?

What reconciliation are you expecting from 850 to 997 tracking?


I guess you got my issue in a different way.
We receive the 810 from a partner and we generate the 997 and post them to the partners VAN.

The auto generated 997 does not reconcile the 810 we received. But when the content of the auto generated 997 is posted to TN then the reconciliation happens.

Do you have partner specific TPA set in the TN? especially for that 810 partner?

Yes, we have a TPA setup for that partner and the FAReconciliation flag is set to true.

when you directly post to TN, what’s the rule it triggered, which service it called?
if you can call the same service first before deliver the FA to Van, reconcile should happen.

The current processing rule I have is on SenderID - XX, ReceiverID - YY, Document Type - VICS Envelope
and EDI Outbound FA Equals True (Extended criteria).
When I submit it Individually this processing rule will not be triggered as the Extended criteria will not be met but the reconciliation is happening. But when we look at the transactions this will be a duplicate transaction that I’m doing.

got ya…let me check more:

But I would say if out of box provided is not working then raise ticket with SAG support interim.

Not sure what configuration you are missing for the auto reconciliation to work.

One side note is some of the TPA settings doesn’t work as expected it should functionality wise :frowning: it’s better do some customization along with it in my theory.


Below are the details of IS and corresponding TN package versions

IS Version -
Updates - IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix9

WmTN -
WmEDIforTN -

Any latest fixes was installed on the EDI module 8.0.1 side?

No fixes were installed!!

Please try that option also…It’s better have it installed because that’s the first thing SAG support may suggest you!

The issue is fixed after installing the latest EDI fix and this is what SAG support suggested as the first thing!

Thanks RMG!!