EXX822 upgrade - mainframe CICS broker stubs

Greetings - long time Adabas & Natural user. Relative Newbie for EntireX.

On the mainframe the only thing we use are the broker stubs in CICS.

Our original installation, 8.0.x, required a PLT entry for LRINCIZD.
The upgrade to 8.1.x continued to deliver this module.

With 8.2.2, this module is no longer delivered in the EXX.LOAD library.

The EXXCICS member in the jobs library remove the PPT entries.

Is the PLT entry still required?

Where might I find this in the documentation? Specifics please.



Hi Belinda,

EntireX newbie here, too… so not sure if this helps but will try.

There is some info I found here on PLT entries for starting the EntireX RPC Server under CICS:

Similarly in the installation manual at http://techcommunity.softwareag.com/ecosystem/documentation/webmethods/wmsuites/wmsuite8-2_sp2/EntireX/8-2-SP2_EntireX/installZos/rpcServers.htm#rpcServers_autostartCics

Unfortunately, I have no direct experience here as we are running the Broker as a started task and Natural RPC Servers on the mainframe and XML RPC Servers on Windows. The runtime entirex.jar has been deployed under JBoss and WebLogic. We are running none of this under CICS other than what we needed to define in the Natural nuke to allow for a batch Natural RPC Server and for batch or online Natural to make calls to services registered to the Broker.

Hope this points you in the right direction! Us long-time Adabas/Natural folks have to stick together on learning and using EntireX.


LRINCIZD is related to the Relay Manager, which has been dropped as the functionality it provided is now incorporated into the broker stubs. You no longer need this PLT entry.


I knew that the Relay Manager was dropped starting with v81. I could see the removal of the PPT entries. But there was no mention of removal of the PLT entry. And, since the modules were still on the distributed software, they remained in our mix.

Thanks for the guidance,