Extremely slow IS Startup in Production

Recently we have started using wM Modeler to track processes sent to wM Optimize (BAM).

We have a large number of model (about 15,000) that are in the started state, due the nature of the process. We have volatile tracking,volatile transition documents unchecked.

In the past few days we are experiencing extremly long IS startup times. Our production IS use to startup in 3 mins - it now takes 45+ mins to start.

We have opened an SR with wM support and were asked to purge/archive our logs. However it has not made any difference.

Has anyone faced this issue before, what has been the resoloution?

Thanks in advance.


In the server logs the message “Waiting on server Intialization” keeps appearing.


I am facing same issue.

Did you got any fix for this? Or how you resolved this. We also using Modle with TN and processing around 12000 model entries a day.