Extracting values from flat file and inserting them in the db

I have extracted the values from flat file and trying to insert those values into the Database table but it is inserting the null values,
Can anybody please help me in this matter.
Thanks in advance for reading this.

Hi Khan,

First check dbParamNames Whether it contains all the values and it seems the problem with incorrecting mapping , and also write a test service and verify the values in pipeline



Inorder to help you better,please elaborate on your flow that you developed so far,what are the different steps once you have parsed the flatfile to ffValues and mapping to JDBC Adapter insert service or WmDB execSQL service.

As Lee suggessted above step thru the flow and stop before the insert to DB step and check the pipeline results that whether data mapping correctly or null values being passed to the insert.


Thanks Lee and RMG for helping me i wasn’t using loop and trying to put values in table. But what i did now is after extracting the values from flat file using “pub.flatFile:convertToValues” i used the loop and inside the loop i used the insert service and mapped the values in the pipeline. Now it is working perfectly thanks for helping me.

Glad you made it worked.