Extract Information from webMethod Developer 8.0

Hello everybody

I work with developer 8.0 and I want to create a graph representing the network between my differents packages.
Is there are an “easy” way to recover the dependancies between them ?

Amandine TRIDOU
Student in UTC (University of Technology of Compiègne)
Trainee in ERDF Company

Manifest.v3 will have the package dependency information. This file is present in all the package folders. It is an XML file and you may use this to build your own graphs.
Centrasite repository has several features for dependency analysis and impact analysis.

Thanks you for your answer but it doesn’t work. I mean not totally.
This xml files contains dependencies but only dependencies that you are already filled in Web Developper 8.
I want that dependencies will be extracted automatically. I am not sure, I am clear ? Sorry

there is no public api released for this. so there are workarounds and i can think of two ways
== option 1 - to use file system==

  1. list all nodes by parsing the file system (…/IS/Packages/)
  2. find out if the node is used in any other package - again complex search and sort algorithms

== option2 - to use WmRoot apis==

  1. make the root package visible if it is not visible already (search for the extended settings)
  2. make use of apis under WmRoot/wm.server.ns.

not sure if this is supported but you can give a try