Extended Criteria in processing rule


Any one has the experience on Extended Criteria in processing rule? We have a partner send us message with the same message format, same sender and same receiver for different regions, and they are using a SupplierID to split the message for the regions. Such as, there are the SupplierID A1,A2,A3 will mapping to region A, SupplierID B1,B2 will mapping to region B. And we will have the different process for each region. Now, we plan to use the Extended Criteria in the processing rule to match differet processing rule for different SupplierID. And the problem is there is no IN operator for attribute the Extended Criteria. And there is also no OR operation for multiple attributes. And the result we want is: When SupplierID is A1 or A2 or A3 then execute the processing rule A, and execute the processing rule B when it is B1 or B2 or B3. Thanks in advance.

Did you try to use “contain” operation in extended criteria condition ? i.e. if “SupplierID” contains A then do that.

Thanks Talha. Sorry I may list an unseemliness sample. There is no fixed characters to indicate the region in the “SupplicerID”, and they are just some numbers without fixed rule. And the only rule is the partner defined which SupplierID belong to region A, and which SupplierID belong to region B. So the “contain” operation can not match my case.

How about specifying a custom transformation service in DocumentType which will transform your extracted variable, that you can use in processing rule for diiferent regions. Check out the TN user guide and look for “Specifying a Custom Transformation Service” in TN XML Document Types chapter.