Exposing a Virtual SOAP API as Virtual REST API


I’m trying to expose a virtual SOAP API as virtual REST API using Mediator 9.9. I have implemented the run-time policy “Enable REST Support” in Mediator but how do I call my SOAP service using REST, whats the new endpoint?

Should I be able to see this in the WSDL?



Hi David,

The REST endpoint for a SOAP service is nothing but the Operation name added to the Virtual Service Invoke path. I.e. http(s) ://< HOST> :<

The operation names can be obtained from the SOAP actions defined in the WSDL of the Virtual Service.

I have attached a pdf with some more detailed instructions.



RESTToSOAPTransformationinMediatorEndtoEndtutorial.pdf (135 KB)

I met this issue:
“Exception”: “Mediator encountered an error:Mediator outbound client encountered Error while processing the REST to SOAP transformation in Mediator. The JSON string in the request is empty. while executing operation:validate service:testManage at time:4:50:57 PM on date:Jun 18, 2020. The client ip was: The current user:Default. The consumer application:null”

I’m using Mediator 9.12 and Centrasite 9.12

Help please