Expose custom Java service fields in pipeline

I wrote a custom Java service to list dirs since listFiles could only list files. It’s working and getting a list of dirs but is there any way to make the fields exposed or displayed in the pipeline tree like listFiles?


Jesper, have you tried to set the Java service’s “input/ouput” tab (refer to the screenshot)?

Hi Jesper,

Have you considered creating output signature in your Java Service utility??

This way the required fileList (document reference or list) and handle in the code such a way this IDATA array object (can be available in the pipeline output downstream!!

Give it a try and let us know.


Well that was simple.

I guess the output must match the name and datatype which is inserted into pipeline in the java. I tried to assign string list as output first but didn’t notice the dirlist comes out as an object list.

Anyway I can convert it easily using pub.string:objectToString.



You got it :slight_smile: