Export files in JSON format


I know that the output of ONE DATA files is in XML format.

I want to know if there is a way to export files from ONE DATA in JSON format, so as not to have to do the conversion in webMethods.

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The question seems to be for fetching data from the REST perspective. webMethods OneData REST API supports both XML and JSON. For retrieving data using REST GET, just set the header
“Accept” = “application/json”. Use the same REST URL as you use for retrieving the data in XML format.

Hi Supriya Sukhtankar
Could you tell me where I make this header definition “Accept” = “application / json” in webMethods OneData?

Hi Paulo Tome,

The header needs to be set in your REST Client as HTTP header.
Set the HTTP header/value as “Accept” = “application/json”.

Can you tell me what REST client you are using?