[export] A miss of portability ?

Good morning,
First I want to apologize for my English.
I have a lot of big documents that have developed and stored under TAMINO.
It seems that they have been also exported from TAMINO.
-How TAMINO store collections ?
-What tool allows the exportation from the storage format of TAMINO to simple XML documents ?

I need to store these documents into an open Source XML database system, in order to compare performances with big documents, but some problems appear :
first problem :
-the namespace “ino” is not defined into XML documents
->Why the documents contains namespace “ino” at the beginning
->what the namespace ino represents ?
->Why it is not defined into XML documents ? (it is defined into the schema, but XML documents doesn’t include a reference to the schema)

second problem :
-documents contains lot of occurrences of invalid characters (such as &#x1b and other unprintable documents).

It seems that the tool of export is the problem. isn’t it ? because these documents are developed under TAMINO by one of your customer and all things work perfectly.

Thank you for any answer.

Salim Labriki
Neuchatel - Switzerland


please let me make sure that I understand the problem:

  1. you have got a lot of documents in a file system. You assume that these have been exported from Tamino, but you do not have access to the Tamino database where the documents are stored
    ==> if you have access to the Tamino database, you should be able to export the documents correctly
  2. you find attributes with the prefix ino:, but the documents do not contain a namespace declaration for ino
  3. you find XML references in the form of �
    ==> This is correct XML, where is your problem?



thank you for your answer.
1)I don’t have access to the TAMINO database. and these problematic documents have been exported from that database.
=>I would like to know how can we export documents in order to try with an other database to identify the problem.
=>how does TAMINO do the export ?

2)elements at the begining, and then before any occurence of the doctype, are prefixed by ino. =>why?
ino is not defined into documents, that make them not portable.

3)in order to define the namespace, I wrote an XSLT stylesheet and I used SAXON to do the transformation . But SAXON doesn’t accept undefined entities like those which refer to unprintable character.
(using an undefined entity, make files not well-formed. Entities must be defined in the DTD and referenced to w3c’s DTD that define special entities).

Thank you

Assuming you use Tamino 4.2, you should do the export via the Tamino data loader: select the option to export each document into a separate file.
Concerning the entities: The entity format &#xnn; is allowed in XML without any predeclaration (so-called character entity)



than you very much.
But what about that :
elements at the begining, and then before any occurence of the doctype, are prefixed by ino. =>why?
ino is not defined into documents, that make them not portable.

Salim Labriki

I am afraid I do not understand your problem. Could you please post an example of what you refer to?



Hi, Salim!

You can remove all the ino:request and ino:object opening and closing tags and ino:id attributes if there are any from the document using a simple text editor with find/replace or tools like sed on linux. Then you get a file that contains only the data but still is not a valid XML document because there is no single root tag.

This file format is used by the Tamino Loader, the import/export tool. But Oracle export files are not portable, too.

By the way, if I export documents from Tamino (version 4.2) the file starts with <ino:request xmlns:ino=“http://namespaces.softwareag.com/tamino/response2”>, so there is a namespace declaration.