explicit transaction

Hello every one,
How can I define a global explicit transaction witch englobes:
1.consuming message from an MQ series via JMS: pub.jms: receive
2.publishing it in a jms queue in the broker for further processing: pub.jms: send
I tried to do it using : startTransaction , commitTransaction and rollback Transaction(wmArt); However, in error case, the MQ message is consumed and not rolled back.
Any help please?

The type of connection you create with MQ Series should be ‘WebSphere MQ Transactional Connection’ and not ‘WebSphere MQ Connection’. In your case, what is the type of connection?


I have chosen a local_transaction for the type of transaction in JMS Connection Alias with the MQ series

To connect to IBM WebSphere MQ Series, you need WebSphere MQ Adapter. Using this adapter, we should create a connection of type ‘WebSphere MQ Transactional Connection’ to maintain transactionality (meaning, not loosing the data in mq queue when there is a error while processing it).


thant u, but how can I do if I m connected just with jms. I mean how can I resolve these problems just using triggers JMS and startTransaction service …