Experience so far with 6.1 to 7.1 Upgrade

I am trying to get some ballpark estimates together for how long it will take for the upgrade to 7.1. I plan on doing a migration from the old environment to the new.
We have IS 6.1, TN 6.1, Broker 6.1 and make heavy use of the SAP 4.6 Adapter which will need to move to the 6.5 adapter.

Has anyone completed their 6.1 to 7.1 upgrade? If so, how long did it take you? Also, are there any major “got’chas” that I need to be aware of?

I am aware that everyone uses the software differently and has varying integrations, but any numbers will at least help me get closer for my estimate.

Hi we have succesfully completed the migration from 61 to 71 with in two weeks time without disturbing the production environment created a new wm71 production environment with new set of servers.
Based on my understanding it won’t take much time. You enviroment is similar to mine except the SAP part.

Last week we completed the migration and now doing the testing. So far so going fine.

Wish you all the best


We have completed the migration with in two weeks time. Everything is going fine as of now in the testing phase…

It depends on your application profiles.

If you make heavy use of EDI/EDIINT, then it will probably take you a month or two to get everything working

If you make heavy use of SAP Adapter, you have to convert / migrate from wm SAP Adapter 4.6 → wm SAP Adapater 6.5… Good luck on this one. It takes us 2~3 mont to get everything working

We do not use webMethods for EDI, but we make heavy use of the SAP adapter. I was planning on the bulk of the upgrade time revolving around SAP-centric code, so that’s good to know that I had the right expectations. I’ll let you know how our upgrade goes.