I need to do server shutdown using excuteOSCommand.

I need to know what parameters should be passed for inputs.

I made below setting:


and also input as ssh for command and above path for argument.
It did not work.

Can anybody suggest me on this. And also can we try above shutdown for remote IS.

Thanks & Regards,

There is a service in WmRoot you can call it remotely from another IS. Make sure you have the necessary remote server alias on the servers.

Also if you are on v9 and above you can also leverage the features of Command Central where you can manage your webMethods landscape.

why would you want to execute a service to bring down Integration server?
what is that you are trying to achieve?
also, for starting and stopping servers, use the .sh files inside /profiles/IS_default/bin directory



additional information:

you can use the services under IntegrationServer/bin (might need a paramter indicating the instance name since 9.6)
or IntegrationServer/instances//bin (if available).

Please provide wM version you are referring to.

For older wM versions (up to 7.x) there is a wmshutdown Utility available in the community download section (provided by Igor Ambrosov), which has been migrated from wmusers.com to here.
This Utility is able to remotely invoke the shutdown service on IS.

I agree with Mahesh and Senthil that there are other/betters options available (depending on wM version).

Can you elaborate why you are considering exactly this (uncommon) approach?


Thanks all for your input.

We are using webMethods 9.10 version. Basically we need expose a service to Operations team where they can start/shutdown/restart servers.
These operations team wont be having access to IS servers.
So trying to figure out to achieve this.


for newer version scripts under C:\SoftwareAG\profiles\IS_default\bin can be used to start\stop server as well.

Command Central is answer to your requirement.

It is a free tool and can use to manage entire ESB infrastructure. Users won’t have access to IS as Command Central execute commands remotely. you can install it on a central admin server and then manage multiple server from one location.

Option of CC was already suggested in the earlier post. You must explore this feature and it will be a right fit for your requirement and moreover it has got other salient features.

Thanks Mahesh and Mangat.

Can we configure JDBC Pools in CC. Guide says we can do so.
But when i login to CC, i could not see the JDBC pools in the drop-down list of configuration w.r.t IS instance.

Is there possibility to add JDBC Pools in the drop-down list of config.


There is an option to create JDBC Pools alias. I got to know. :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone.