excluding special characters-Flow Service

Hi Friends,

Is it possible to write the below condition in Flow service. or I have to go for java service.

Please remove any of the following characters from BIG02:
“.”, “-”, “_”, “/”, ""
If first character is zero “0”, remove it as well


You can do it in a flow service…use RegularExpressions conditions and replace service to remove those chars in the BIG02…or else use seperate Branch operation evaluatelabels=true on BIG02 with those listed chars.If you see too many branches in the flow then go with JS.

Please see ISDevelopersuserguide for regular expressions syntax information or do a google search for all the syntax.



I tried the same thing by using Regular Expressions, but not able to achieve.
And and i also tried with the replace…but while we have replace with some character or atleast space…
I am not able to achieve it.


Hi Naveen,

I think you should be able to do it with regular expressions. please post the regular expression you are using so that any body can correct it.
What is the problem with replace?Give the replaceString varibale as blank, i mean do not map it to any varible and the ouput string will not contain the search string. The “replaceString” input is not a mandatory input and so you can leave it as blank.


Keep in mind that some of the chars you want to remove have special meaning in regular expressions. You need to escape them.

Thanks for suggestion , i will try and come back with results.