ExceptionHandling Mechanism in WM 60


I hope you are aware of how to turn the auditing on for each service from developer.
Once you catch exception in service B or C exit with failure, the control will go to service A and from there also you will have to exit with failure for taking the advantage of resubmitting it from WmMonitor. Turn on auditing only for service A.
When you exit with failure you can give the failure message. This message you can see in WmMonitor screen. This service will be marked as status failed.


  1. From where you invoke serviceA ? Trigger ? HTTP ?
    Is the exception blocked at serviceA ?
    In fact, I do not catch all all that you say

  2. and 4) You may try this if you wanna write a line in WMERROR without raising an exception directly:
    AuditLogManager.errorLog(new ServiceException(message))
    But it is not a public API and thus not supported, but works

  3. My approach in adding more fields to the log tables is to use an XML formatted error message, structured to hold all the details I want, and then it will be persisted in the DB as one big text field that I can parse later. Indirect approach but it works. Otherwise, open a feature request

Pankaj / Riad

Pankaj I wish to log custom error messages and at the same time wants if failed service can be resubmitable.
Through Exit I can do it but It also log the message with some exceptions.

Riad I was invoking Service A through WM Devloper only but in Prodn env it will be invoked by some Canonical published

One more thing I am looking for …
Validation for the Required Fields:
WM 6.0 provides the way through Input / Output Validations but it logs the clumsy message …I need to log with some primary key details
Can Somebody suggest me how to create a generic service which can validate the input fields and log the custom message