Exception with a ACL Privileges

Hi Every one,

I am facing the follwoing error while migrating the code from one environment to other environemnt.

[FONT=Verdana]Exception with a ACL Privileges: An exception occurred while attempting to process “/opt/webMethods65/IntegrationServer/packages/WmDeployer/persist/projects/pq__QATAutomation2009V1_xtbe/targets/pq__QATAutomationV1R1_iob/pq__QATAutomationV1R1_iob.xml”. Exception details follow: "An exception occurred while performing a remote invoke of the service: “wm.server.access:getNodeNameListForAcl”. Exception details follow: "com.wm.deployer.common.DeployerException: “”.

Recently we created new Remote Server With User Group of Adminstrator and having ACL as Administrator, then I tried to move the code but stuck at this point.
If any one aware of this issue then please help me in solving this problem.

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