exactly once processing

Hello Everyone,

i am trying to implement exactly once process mechanism for duplicate document detection. we have one to many publisher and subscribers scenario.
resubmitting document from MWS will result in sending duplicate documents to all the subscribers instead of sending only for failed ones.

I read the documentation and UUID in _env document is the key identifier. every time I resubmits the document, new UUID is being generated and it never matches with UUID stored in document history database which is not detecting the duplicate document.
but track id is always unquie for all resubmitted documents.

1)Can someone please let me know what needs to be done?

  1. Is there a way to turnoff UUID generation so that IS will assign track id value to UUID?


In MWS, resubmit the failed target services rather than republishing the document.

This will require turning on Audit logging for the target services so they will be logged and viewable in MWS Monitor.

Thanks Reamon.

I will try this option and reply back with updates.


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