dupplicate error in triggers

I am getting dupplicate errors on a trigger that I’ve set up on IS v601. The trigger is subscribing to documents being published from the broker and they are not coming through to IS. Looks like the trigger is checking for trackid (RedBackAdapter) envelope fields in the broker document. This field env_ value never changes. Can we work around or disable this?


See attached message (debug level 6).

[4516]2003-10-08 20:39:36 PDT [ISS.0098.0087E] Duplicate document of type:EDIFACT_v97A.records:ReceivingAdviceManageNotify_2_0_memec with Id:RedBackAdapter received for trigger:EDIFACT_v97A.Outbound.RECADV:ReceivingAdviceManageNotify_2_0_memec_trigger.
[4515]2003-10-08 20:39:36 PDT [ISS.0098.0030E] EDIFACT_v97A.Outbound.RECADV:ReceivingAdviceManageNotify_2_0_memec_trigger received duplicate document(s). Error com.wm.app.b2b.server.dispatcher.exceptions.DupeMsgException: com.wm.app.store.TSDupeMsgException: [BAT.0000.0032] duplicate message for store id EDIFACT_v97A.Outbound.RECADV:ReceivingAdviceManageNotify_2_0_memec_trigger in parent container id TriggerConsumer
[4514]2003-10-08 20:39:36 PDT [ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:EDIFACT_v97A.Outbound.RECADV:ReceivingAdviceManageNotify_2_0_memec_trigger received 1 Documents from Broker


How did you get this resolved… we are also facing the same problem…


You can also count me on this issue.

Has anybody already solved it, here ?

I send 4 different type messages, and try to make them doing a join, “via” the PRT.
But it keep saying me 2 of them are duplicated.
How can they, if those are different type ?!
I’m using a correlation service that only link a field of the document into the output.

Have I missed something ?
Hope somebody have the solution. Thanks in advance.

Hi (again)…

As i didn’t get any answer, i tried some things around the “duplicate documents” errors i got…
And i found the answer (for my problem, at least), so i note here the resolution/workaround, in case it could help somebody in the future (and i will then upgrade my IS to the latest fixes, before writing a SR).

So, here it is :

In order to bench the Join done by the PRT in the IS, comparating it to some others solutions we have, i used to use a publisher that was doing a “MultipleShot Publishing” (in fact a big word for “myBrokerClient.publish(eventsArray)”) and my array used to contains the 4 documents that were doing the join.

But when PRT receipt them, it used to fing that some of them are duplication of the others (identical error messages as above).
So my “JOIN” was NOK, because only 1 or 2 of the 4 documents were accepted.

Now, I’m doing the following, and i don’t have “duplicate messages” anymore.
for event in eventsArray

I hope this message will help some of you.
Feel free to /msg me.

Jean-Marc LE TOUX

I have a different problem here. I want the duplicate documents to be discarded. Publish and subscribe guide says that we should assign the same UUID to the documents then only they will be considered as duplicates. But the UUID is not being set for me.I am mapping it to a transaction ID in my flow nut it’s creating it’s own UUID. I am setting also the trackID with the same transaction ID. Where am i going wrong. Please help


With IS 6.1, in the trigger properties, I would set the “detect duplicates” option to “false” in order to process all the documents.