Duplicate Document

Basically I need to be able to subscribe multiple documents (with same name) with the same correlation id. However, the trigger rejects the second incoming document:

[ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker.
[ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:Adam.Design_Server:trigger received 1 Documents from Broker
[PRT.0101.0196V1] (T3) started process PID d83780a0b85411d9bd2beae6bc0bf2a8:1, MID P1Q7ZCZRMOB
[ISS.0098.0051V2] DefaultProducer sending document to Broker.
[ISS.0098.0006V2] Consumer:Adam.Design_Server:trigger received 1 Documents from Broker
[PRT.0101.0258D] Duplicate document: TestDocs:docLoopTest. Document rejected

Trigger for exact-once processing is disabled, I’m using IS 6.1, Broker 6.1.0 and WmModeler 6.1. Any fix/patch on this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Adam,
Not sure but did you check your trigger settings for Detect Duplicates. Default value is false. But just in case check the setting.


yes the default is false and I checked it again it is false. I think I refer to something like this: http://www.wmusers.com/wmusers/messages/117/26429.shtml but this fix is for different IS.

let me rephrase my question:

for example, i want to publish docTest:docTestDocument two times with the same correlationId to a model but the second document is being rejected and treated as duplicate. I want to process the second document. Any suggestions on how to do this?

You need to delete this document from document history table.webMethods will check in the document history table based on the correlation ID.If the document still exists it thinks it is a duplicate.Or else you need to go to Admin Screen,under settings - Resources-exactly once statistics-and you can do delete expired document or clear all documents or in doubt documents.Then try to process the document with the same correlation ID.I guess it should work.


what is the table name of the document history table in Oracle?

I’m faced with the same issue of rejection of duplicate documents. These duplicate documents are valid and are required as part of the process.
Please can you let me know what was done to get around this issue.



the table is named WM_IDR_MSG_HST.

Please check the settings for “Exactly Once Processing” on trigger, which has been generated for your model.

If “Exactly Once Processing” is set to ‘false’, it should not matter what is in the other fields of this properties section.

The other options are:

  • Using Database? If ‘true’, a jdbc pool must be set up in IS Admin for function “Document History” pointing to a DB User/Schema which contains the above table, which can be found in the following script: create_idr_6-1_.sql
  • Time to live: How long the entries are valid for comparison. If the second document arrives before this time frame it is consider duplicate, afterwards it is considered new.
  • Resolver service: a service you can write to place your own logic if a document should be treated as a duplicate or not.

See Developers User Guide and/or Pub/Sub-Guide for details.



I am also facing an issue like this, when we do new code deployments on existing code for triggers, no. of duplicate subscriptions are creating in broker.
Is this any type of bug in the product 9.7 or please suggest me to get out of this issue.