Exactly Once Processing in case of Universal Messaging


Can anyone please let me know how we can handle exactly once processing in case we are publishing data to UM queue/Topic.

In case we are publishing to Broker we can handle this using history data base or through document resolver service. But how can we handle this in case of UM queue/Topic.

For this document should be publishable type ? In case of UM we don’t need document to be of publishable type.

Can anyone suggest please.

Review 10-3_Using_Integration_Server_To_Build_A_Client_For_Jms.pdf

If you have any questions/errors once you have implemented the solution let me know.

First of all It should be a QUEUE not a Topic. If you define a qeueue, a queue listener flow service and handle the exception and put it back into the queue if some exception occurs. You will have a exactly one processing scenario. Here is the pseudo-code

1- Put the message Into the queue
2- Listener gets the next item in the queue
3- Flow service processes the message
3.1 IF successfull Exit the Flow.
3.2 IF Fail Return Step-1