Event Replicator - Batch Functions?

Before you can replicate files, you have to create per file global format buffers, define destinations, add subscription, and create file-related parameters by using online the ADABAS Event Replicator Subsystem. It is very time consuming to navigate through many screens just to create one file to be replicated.

We have to create hundreds of files and it would take days to finish this job. A batch function would save some time.

Maybe there is a description of a format so we can use a CLIST and REXX procedure to create an input for the Replicator LOAD utility.

Does anyone know how to do this or do you have an example. I cannot find in the SAG manuals explanations.

Dieter Storr

As far as I know, everything that you can define in SYSRPTR has a corresponding “batch” equivalent. If you run the REPULD utility you will see the parameters I’m talking about. The parameters are documented in the section “Event Replicator Initialization Parameters”. They are processed via the DDKARTE DD card.


Thanks, works like a charm.