Creating a "testdatabase" using the Event Replicat

Here at Fortis we are looking for a tool which we can use to create a “testdatabase” with appr. 10% of the size of our production database.
The created “testdatabase” off course has to be consistent.

To get a consistent “testdatabase” it must be possible to define relations between Views (DDM’s ) or if that is not possible between Adabas files. I hope you can tell me if this is possible and if so how this is done.

kind regards,

Bert te Kulve

With Replicator you can specify a file list or an entire database to be replicated. I don’t think that you can specify a “consistent subset” of a database.

I expect that you’ll have to write an application to do this. I will be complicated and tricky - I know, I’ve done it.

Generation Systems has a product for this - Transfile. But I haven’t seen it in action. Try

Thank you for this answer. Will have a look at the product you mentioned from Generation Systems.