Evaluation version of starter kit

I am running Linux 2.2.10. The available starter kit for evaluation is SUSE Linux. Can I install it on my system? I really need to evalute Tamino for our use asap.
Thanks a lot.


Hi Nutan,
This is the text (from the Starter Kit site)describing the prerequisites for installing the Starter Kit on SuSE Linux and Red Hat Linux.
SuSE Linux 7.1 or 7.2 (for IA-32) or
SuSE Enterprise Server 7 for IA-32 or
Red Hat Linux 7.2

The kernel version of each of the SuSE operating systems must be at least version 2.4.2, Red Hat Linux 7.2, however, at least requires the use of kernel version 2.4.9.
Unfortunately for you, it looks as if your current system is not suitable for Tamino.
Before you give up, I strongly suggest you contact your nearest Software AG office and ask for assistance. If you are seriously considering an evaluation, they will certainly be able to suggest some alternative approaches.