ESB platform


I’ve installed webmethods 7.1 and i would like to know if ESB technology is implemented in this release. if so, i would like to know whether there are some requierements to deploy ESB on webmethods 7.1 and use it.

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“ESB” is defined in many ways. Is there specific functionality that you are looking for?


I’m talking about features of the x-broker. Thanks

X-Broker provides run-time policy and security enforcement and integrates with Centrasite Governance Edition (replaces Infravio X-Registry).

You asked about the “requierements to deploy ESB on webmethods 7.1” and clarifed that you were talking about the “features of the x-broker”.

If you want the feature of a run-time policy enforcement that comes with X-Broker, you have to install it and create one or more policies to be enforced. If you want a registry/repository to manage the life cycle of those policies and the metadata for the services to which they apply, you will need to install Centrasite Governance Edition.

To actually create services to register and to be covered by policies, you can use any tool, but webMethods, of course, would suggest using Integration Server.

All of this is covered in the product glossies at and in product documentation at Click here for the X-Broker data sheet.