ES JDBC Adapter: errors (059), (058) and (057) - Help reques

Hi all,
I encountered the following error:

(059) could not load integration component “MyComponent”.
(058) could not load resource operation “MyOperation”.
(057) Could not initialize script “MyOperation”.

The symptom of this error was that the flow stopped at this component, it appeared “dead”. The adapter itself was running smoothly though and there was no issue with the database itself.

The thing is that the Component and the Operation display perfectly in the EI and in the Manager.
I solved the problem by deleting the operation and rebuilding it (same name, same configuration). Afterwards, I integrated the new Operation again in the Component (the previous operation was obviously removed from the Component since I deleted the Configured Operation).
All works fine now but of course I would like to know what went wrong in the first place (corrupted .adl?). Also, I would like to know if there is no easier fix than to rebuild the integration in EI (script editing?).
Thanks for your input. Regards,