Error while publishing webmethods publishing trigger

hii all,

I am using IS 10.5. i configired the jdbc connection with mysql database, and created trigger,
and it is showing error
“[ART.116.3134] Adapter Runtime (Notification): Unable to Enable Publish Event for notification: JDBCDemo:updateNotification [ART.116.3139] Adapter Runtime (Notification): EventType Definition doesnt exists in the EventTypeStore for notification : JDBCDemo:updateNotification.”

what should i do??

There is a knowledgebase article on this, please go to Empower portal and look for kb by providing the error message

I don’t have a empower portal credentials. I am using it on my local machine.
any lead would be appreciated

Small advice:

If you don’t have empower access, try to create one using your company email id. It’s always good to have that handy being SAG-webMethods tech user in the long run.

Anyways providing KB article resolution here for your reference sake:

  • This is not noticed in webMethods Adapter Runtime 9.5 SP1

    This is expected behaviour. In Integration Server(IS) 9.5 SP1, Adapter Runtime does not check for even type definition’s existence in the event type store folder. This is however strictly enforced and checked in Adapter Runtime 10.1.

Follow the required steps to create and copy event type definitions to the event type store folder.

For more details on creating and copying event type definition, refer to section "Event Publishing Support for Adapter Notifications
" of document "webMethods Adapter Runtime User?s Guide



I think this was written by me, when I was attached with SAG back then. This has been reproduced and confirmed to solve the issue.

Oh good to know Mike!!