Error while opening developer

Hi Admin,

I am using IS version :: and Developer Version::

when i am trying to open developer after login it shows message like “Backwards compatibility is not supported between the Developer version and the Server version you are using. Developer will now disconnect.”

Please help me to solve this error.

Thanks in Advance…


Hi Suri,

I think ur IS version is lesser then ur developer version, u might be using IS 6.5 or so,please upgrade ur IS to solve the issue.


Hi Samrat,

Thanks for the Quick reply

I m using IS version ::
Developer Version::


Hi Suri,

I am sorry for my before reply, it should be in the other way…
i think we can use 6.5 developer to connect to 6.1.5 IS ans same think is happening with you…
so please try upgrading the developer verson as of IS

Thanks Samrat…!


Hi Suri,

The other way around is to open the same version developeras IS.


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