Error while loading SmartForm (created using AD 2.3)

I used AD 2.3 for creating a Smartform.
1.Create a simple Process Definition with start node,activity node and exit node.
2.Attach the smart form to the activity node.
3.Start a process instance of this PD.
4.Go to Tasks list.An error shows up “Error Caught In SSC”.

When this smartform loads in my application it throws an alert message saying “Error caught in SSC” where SSC is the relative path upto .html . On clicking OK the page reloads properly.
This alert message comes from a JavaScript’s function showpage() which is used to load the form.
Note - This error only occurs in IE7 whereas in mozilla firefox it works properly.Is this any know browser incompatibility or javascript issue in AD 2.3 ?
If not,then what might be the possible causes of such error?

DB: Oracle 10g
AS: WebLogic 9.2
OS: WINDOWS Server 2003
JDK: 1.5.0_12

errorIN_SSC.bmp (960 KB)

Hi Mugz,

I believe that this question should be posted to the “Former Crossvision Products” forum at, rather than in the weMethods BPM forum.

Thanks, Michael