Error while installing and loading package

I am trying to install a package into my local machine from our dev env. So I exported the package from dev to my local machine. But when I try to install it from IS Admin, I am getting this error

package installed but not enabled; see package details page for more information”.

The package details page is showing that 0 elements are loaded. I checked in the file system under packages, the package is empty. I checked in the manifest.v3 file, it says minimum java version of 1.4.2, but I have 1.5.0_49. This should not be a problem because I have higher version of java in my local host. The dev env has 1.5.0 jvm installed. One difference I see between my local host and dev env is that java data model is 64 bit in dev and it’s 32 bit in local host. Is this an issue you think?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


This uses to happen when the package you try to load has dependencies that are not fullfilled.

Go to the master IntegrationServer and check dependency’s. Export all package dependency’s and import them in your new IS.

Nevertheless if you have them connected over the network, I would use deployer to deploy packages, it will find dependencyes for you.

The package has only one dependency and I checked that dependent package is already present in my local host and the version of the package is also right. What other issue might be causing this?? :confused:

Try to get detailed information from the error, maybe is writen to error log? Check IS -> Logs -> Error to see you get additonal data, and expand stack trace if any.

Nevertheless at this point you might want to try Deployer for moving from one to other environment.