Error while deployment of a model


we want to deploy a Model form one IS 6.5.2 to a nother 6.5.2. In the deployer we have defined a Modeler Set in “Define” and added the source server und a model. Then we have got unresolved dependencies which we resolved by adding the elements. Next we have created a build but a error occures. The error report shows following error:

Error extracting from “Modeler” on source system “zvam2t”: Error remote invoking service wm.deployer.gui.plugin.DeployerPluginInterface:getObjects on system zvam2t: [ISS.0088.9139] Output parameters do not conform to targetOutputSignature: errorCode=VV-004 pathName=/objects[0]/object errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9033] Java type mismatch; expected byte , got java.lang.String

How can we fix this. Is this a result of a configuration error?

Thanks for help!

This was a challenging one. I had a similar issue on a 712 IS.

In my case this issue was because the deployer I was using didnot find this service DeployObjects on the target server to execute.

To resolve this move the WmDeployer and WmDeployerResource Packages from the server where you are using the deployer from. Once installed on the target server Go to Package->Management-?WmDeployer packager where select Browse services in the package. Navigate to the wm.deployer.Plugin.DeployerPlugin:DeployObjects and Test the service without inputs. Once done go back into the deployer and create a new deployment candidate do a Checkpoint and Deploy and it should work like a charm. The simulate might same the throw the same error but ignore it.

Another good idea would be to remove the server from a cluster if you are looking at deploying this on a single server instead of multiple at a time.

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