Error while deleting TPA in TN


I am facing an error while deleting TPA in TN.
I disabled the TPA and trying to delete, but still facing the error
“Error getting data from server”

Can any one please advice how I can solve this


Hi Venkat, There is a fix available from webmethods support for the TN Console which should take care of this issue. TNC_6-5_SP1 Thanks, Capri_lak.

Hi…Thank you for the reply
But, is there any other way to get this fixed other than installing the fix.
Cos, Its a bit tough for us going to the client and asking for wM fix installation

Hi Venkat, That’s what we did when we had the same issue. I am not saying that is the only way, but that is the only way support is going to help if something occurs in future.That is the reason, might as well we go through support rather than coming with our own solution. HTH, Capri_lak.

Installing fix is the better approach as Capri said and it was released for that cause as support guaranteed resolution.


For this kind of issue, to delete TPA, running the service from developer deletes the TPA