Error when generating Adabas File

When I generate an Adabas File - whether it is a new file, or field changes, I get a whole lot of messages similar to this:
/tmp/CALL_LOADFILE_1102200.bsh: line 17: DATA4: command not found

It does the updates ok but how can I get rid of these messages? I get these messages for one database but not another on the same box, and the assign.bsh looks the same to me.

Predict 4.2.2

Sounds like there’s a problem with the assignment of your DATA4 environment variable, maybe a whitespace between DATA4 and the assignment operator “=” ?

If this isn’t the case, why not post this particular assign.bsh here ? :wink:

As simple as that!
I removed many white spaces and the messages have gone away.
Thanks :smiley: