Error Validating to Schema in DocType

In the doctype definition, I am setting the field under the options tab “webMethods schema to validate against:”, to a schema I created from my XSD file. Using xmlSpy I have validated an instance docuement against this schema, then used that instance docuement to create my doctype. When I set the doctype to validate I am getting this error message:

/OrderCreate/OrderCreateDetails/OrderCreateLineItem/: [B2BCORE.0082.9015] Ambiguous content model in schema - not LL(1)

Does anyone know what this means?

XMLSpy doesn’t catch this deadly schema error. But look at you XSD and see if the following is your issue and if you can use the specified workaround:

Before IS consumes any schema document it validates using W3C Schema (normative) for Schema documents [1]. There is a bug in [1] near the ‘all’ content model area. This leads to an ambiguous content model.

XML Schema Working Group released a fix (informative) [2] for this issue. This is one of many fixes released by the XML Schema WG. These fixes will be rolled in and released as XML Schema 1.0 Second Edition (normative), which will be integrated into a future IS release/update.


A workaround for this is not to use the “all” model; use a “sequence” model instead.


I follow what you are saying here, but I am unclear as to how to determine if the cause of my problem is from what you described above.

Where do I need to look to confirm this, in the IS schema definition?

I have a similar situation, can anyone please explain further on this issue.

Any advice would be helpful.

  • Ravi

I too have found this evil problem and this explanation makes no sense to me at all. This rather worries me.
Does the fact that the discussion abruptly stopped mean that Ravi and Stephen found new careers in hamburger retailing? (I suspect I could use some advice on this subject too…) Or is the solution to just hard-code the validation logic and forget about schemas altogether, as my site seems to done for some time. Now I know why…
I guess my specific question is what is an ‘all’ model, how do I know I am using one, and how do I tell it to use a ‘sequence’ model. I am ripping the schema out of a SEF file, where I dont seem to get many choices.

Thanks once again for your experts.

That should, of course, be “expert assistance.” But to any managers reading this, I do appreciate the help of their experts.

I have been messing about with this far too long.
Can someone please help me out.
I have SAPBC46.

My problem is that I cannot get any schemas to parse correctly.
I have converted a SEF to a schema and get something that looks like XML, but if I try to use it to create a schema in BC, or a record, I get the LL(1) error above. As far as I can determine, there are no “all” model elements in the schema at all, so I presume that this is not the problem.

I guess the first question is: Am I doing something wrong?
And the second one would have to be: Does it actually work at all?
I realise that BC46 is getting a bit long in the tooth by now, but it is what I am stuck with.

there is a SAP note 785987 which says that schema must be converted to schema syntax instead of
You can use XMLSpy to do this.

Hi there

I am using a 2001 schema syntax for my XSD and still run into this issue. I have applied for an SR with the service desk and will report results when received.

Regards, Chris