Error shown when trigger is supposed to be fired


I am running an Source to Target Integration… and after a canonical “PurchaseOrder_V002” is published to the broker from Source, a trigger is supposed to be automatically fired which initiates the services for the Target side integration…

The Target Integration is not working because the trigger is not getting initiated…

I can see the following error in Server Logs…

2006-03-16 14:49:02 EST [ISS.0098.0081E] Insufficient memory while peristing message: Canonical:PurchaseOrder_V004 for Trigger: GE_IBS_PO_Target.Triggers:IBS_PO_Trigger.

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions

Yathindra Reddy

Yathindra Reddy,

How large is the published document? How much memory has been allocated to the IS JVM in the server.bat or What else is running on the IS when the error occurs?

Need input.


Yathindra Reddy,
What is the document storage type for that document and client queue storage type for that client?