Error when invoking trigger

ISS 6.1 running on Linux
Developer 6.1 running on Windows

I am getting an error: [ISS.0085.9169] Could not validate data corresponding to publishable document: Test.Documents:MyDocument

When trying to invoke a trigger that starts a process. The document is in sync with the broker, and this is a process that has run in the past. The webM SE built it out as part of a proof-of-concept.

I saw the earlier post about having incorrect values, but all the values in the document are entered, and they are all typed as string.

Additionally, I cannot find any more documentation about this error.


Hi Matt,

Did solve the problem you were facing? I have the same problem and I am wondering what could be the problem?

Matt, can you put the stach trace of your error in the post? Also putting in the document structure might help.

Thanks, Chris


There is a fix available from WmSupport.

Request IS_6-1_FIX12

Article ID: SR-1-48451898 What is this?
Quick Access URL:
Last Updated: 29-Sep-2004

Customer Description
Customer has a sample doc and trigger. When trying to test the trigger he gets the following error:
Exception could not validate data corresponding to publishable document
Error code: ISS.0085.9169

webMethods Closure Summary
IS_6-1_Fix12 resolves this issue.

If anybody has IS_6-1_FP2_Fix12.jar file , can you please email it to me