Error page loading with async table

I implement GUI that show the list of items which are retrieved by calling WS.
The list is filled into an async table by these steps following:

  1. Create list data of portlet and create async table (set rows to 10)
  2. Create content provider of list data (select 2nd option : Select, sort, move, update and delete…)
  3. Drag&Drop content provider to async table

The error is when list size is greater than 10 then click to Next button, as expected the next page of result will be on screen BUT empty page is displayed, additionally click to Prev button after that the empty page is returned.

I user AG Designer 9.6

Pls help me to fix this error

Hi Trung,

Can you check properties of Data Prev/Next and make sure it’s configured to correct table and only visible when no of records are more the table 1 page max rows .

Rohit gupta