Error in

I am receiving document ReceiptAcknowledgment (RNIF 2.0) from a new trading partner.
Document recognition is working correctly and document is being processed correctly.
However, I receive the error " encountered execution error. Unsupported encoding: “utf-8”. " whenever I view the content of the Payload of this document within MWS Transactions.

I can view the same document, from another TP, and it shows the content without the error message but shows the encoding as encoding=“UTF-8”, where the new TP sends this in lowercase (encoding=“utf-8”).

Does this matter? Should case of encoding matter?

looks like a bug in the code of:
utf-8 should be a valid value either for Content-Type charset or xml encoding.
open a ticket with SAG.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Case of UTF-8 shouldn’t matter atleast in the TN aspects and also never seen this particular issue in the MWS views.

I think raise a ticket with SAG support in the mean time: