Error in Trigger filter Condition


I want to set the filter condition which Contains particular string in the field. I am getting this error when I try to save this “[ISC.0049.9103] Too many parts to the expression.” Does this syntax exists?

Example: CONTAINS(%Control/General/FromApplication%, “JDE”) && !CONTAINS(%Data/Misc/Value%, “CN”)

Instead using L_EQUALS and L_NOT_EQUALS


Read Conditional Expressions from designer guide.

Let me know why did you give CONTAINS & !CONTAINS?

Thank you for your reply Mahesh,
I wanted to use that because the value might be “JDE US” or “JDE LA” or some other along with the “JDE XXX”

Can you check if you can use regular expression as standard operators for eg.;

%Control/General/FromApplication% =/^JDE/

Not sure whether this works… can you test this please.

I believe the /^JDE/ works only if the starting is JDE but it won’t check for the trailing values as its dynamic per the user:

Regular expressions can be applied in ‘local filter’ of JMS trigger. The below filter is equivalent to ‘contains’ and ‘does not contain’ in the input string value.

%body/string% == /JDE/ && %body/string% != /CN/


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