Error when using the Lexical Operator in Trigger Filter

Hi ,
I’m facing the following issue when using the below filter condition in my trigger,Any one Could u pls help me in resolving this issue.


I’m getting the error in serverlog as “No condition matches in trigger GE_MaximoGreenville_PurchaseOrder_Target.Triggers:PurchaseOrderTrigger
for document Canonical:PurchaseOrder with activation wm6b51b1440ef5d11dc979690d6b3e17310”

If same filter condition is used as

No error is throwing and it was processing the document.

I’m usin webmethods 6.1

Any one coul pls help me in solving this problem.

I think this is the part that is the issue:


I think these are the factors:

  • In the first filter, Broker is applying the filter.
  • In the second, IS is.
  • /^MAXGR/ is a regular expression
  • Broker doesn’t understand regular expressions.
  • IS does.

I may be wrong on one of these points so someone please correct this if I am.

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I believe you’re correct. Also, I don’t believe this expression is valid for lexical operators: L_NOT_EQUALS null. Lexical operators operate on string values only so comparing it to null is not possible last time I checked.

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Read the “Publish Subscribe Developers Guide” to find the information that you are looking for.

Hopefully the below points will help in better understanding…

so the question is: is REQUISITION_ID declared as type String?

The REQUISITION_ID is a type of String and the first filter condition is observing on the Broker Administrator as


And i think the problem is also with the document list i.e, PO_LINE[0] can the filter take this type as valid?

I think the syntax for accessing list elements within the filter is covered in the doc?


Broker does understand some regular expressions, but consider expressions invalid if it contains $null or reference to an array field

Hi experts,

I looked thru the docs and read this thread and though I came close I still have no answer to my question:

I want my trigger to subscribe to all docs with a certain string field set to null.
I tried all kinds of stuff (null, NULL, “”, $null, L_EQUALS, ==) but I can’t get it to work.

Obviously it would be best if I could use lexical filters.

Anybody knows how to do the trick?



Allrite gents,

I got the correct syntax:

%header/stringList[0]/string% L_EQUALS $null

Obviously only works for the element in question in the string list

Hope it helps out someone someday!