Problem with local filter in JMS Trigger

Hi everybody,

I am developping a JMS trigger which retrieve a document from a queue.
I have to test if a data contained in the body is null or not. I add a local filter %body/data/A% = $null but it doesn’t work. i.e. the dataA is null but it doesn’t call the service.
Also when I add a local filter with a regular expression it doesn’t work, data matchs with the regular expressions but it doesn’t call the service.

I followed the official document of webMethods 8-0-SP1_Developer_Users_Guide.pdf : Annex D Conditional Expressions.

Please help.


I am facing the same problem. Can anyone please help!!

Try this…

%body% == “/somevalue /”
%body% != null


How can filter using arithmetic operators?

I want to filter on JMSMessage/properties/uuid.

My syntax in Message selector is: uuid BETWEEN 20 AND 60


My syntax in local filter is: %properties/uuid% > 20 & <80

both are not working.

Hi Akash,

        try with the below syntax in local filter.

%properties/uuid% > 20 & %properties/uuid% < 80

Try out lexical operators too… :smiley:

See if that works…

JMS message filtering should be at Header Level not body - right?

body is always existing, even if nothing mapped into it. For me just using %body/string% in local filter of the JMS trigger works to reject jms messages where nothing was mapped into body/string.