Error in the output structure of task.wsdl


I downloaded the wsdl from http:///services/bizPolicy/task?wsdl and tried to create webservice connector and they had created successfully.

But while invoking the connector service it never produces me the output, when I stepinto the service I found out that getTask connector is producing the output but it gives the output whose signature is not matching the variable in connector service. Now how could I solve this problem. I temporarily twicked the code by renaming the same variable which it comes. Is it a bug or I need to install any patch for this.

eg. In getTask webservice connector after the soapclient is called it gives the output as ns2:Task but the actual output created by the service has only Task , because of this response is not formed.

I am using webMethods 7.1.2

I think that you might get more help from the “Integration & ESB” forum. While you are consuming a BPM service, the main challenges seem to come from the IS side, and the other forum should be able to provide more assistance.