Error in invoking Asynchrous RFC Notification

Hi All,

We have an asynchronous RFC SAP notification which is trying to invoke a function in SAP.
Whenever any data is enterd in SAP Function the Notification gets triggered and fails.

In webMethods SAP logs I can see errors as

[SAP.0106.0004W] Error in inbound call for ZN_CVS_ORDERS from SAPAdapter_ECC: [SAP.111.9506] WmSAP Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: ZN_CVS_ORDERS (ECQ360 >> Z_WEBM_REV_IS9500_ECQ360).

[SAP.0104.0013E] Listener Z_WEBM_REV_IS9500_ECQ360 on is currently dead or stopped
2010-03-26 15:15:47 EDT [SAP.0110.0002D].

On the SAP side error thrown is “RFC Download failed”.

Can anyone help me to understand the error and guide me how to resolve it.

I think i faced this error once. I did so many things to resolve it. Firtst, Try clearing the transaction store and then try.


Hi Amit,

We are facing the same issue while triggering from SAP to WM. Did you find out the resolution for this issue.

At times it executes perfect. But fails to execute subsquent triggers from SAP side there after. Pls let me know if you have found a resolution for this, it will be of great help.

SAP log:

When it succeeds

[SAP.0115.0001D] Notification - Executing service “Flow.Services:xxxService”.

When it fails:

[SAP.0114.0002D] RFC:InboundProcess - Message sent to Routing Listener.
[SAP.0106.0004W] Error in inbound call for ZRFC_FTP_WM_CRM from oraCRMRFCConn: [SAP.111.9506] WmSAP Adapter: Missing notification - MsgType: ZRFC_FTP_WM_CRM (QAS017 >> WEB_RFC_CRM).
[SAP.0104.0013E] Listener ARA.WEB_RFC_CRM on xxxServerNamexxx is currently dead or stopped

Appreciate your response.

Naveen Palani