Error In Developer

Hi All,

While Im running the code in developer level. I’m getting the below error . Can anyone help please .
The below error is occurring when I’m trying to save the Pipeline value.


*Error MEssage
An error occurred while tracing.

java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException: StackOverflowError

Please help me…

Is there something funny in the pipeline that is causing the drama? e.g. java objects or something beyond just documents/strings etc.

Nathan Lee

Note: if you’re using 8.2 you don’t need to use savePipeline/restorePipeline services as there’s a service level attribute that can do it.

Nathan Lee

What version of IS/Developer are you using? There are many reasons for Stack Over flow error. If any recursive function is invoked which runs infinite, the stack might get increased. Does it happen only while you invoke saveRestorePipeline service? Or if you try to run any service, you get this?

You can also try increasing the stack memory by setting the value -Xss in developer.bat file.


Hi Nath/Senthil,

Thanks for your inputs…

Nath, Im currently using 7.1 version…So…any help…

Senthil,actually here Im calling one service which converts doc to XML…but the thing is prior to this service I have two more service which is doing samething for different TP…but only in this (third service) after converting it to XML im using pipeline service…so here Im getting the error.

But one good news is…I resolved this issue…by changing the Java MIn and MAx heap space…but I think this is not feasible…so please provide ur valuable inputs on this