Developer-Trace Pipeline


It’s been awhile since I had this issue. When I tried to perform a trace in one of my flow service in Developer, it doesn’t do anything. Does anyone remember what the issue could be?

There is new environment variable added to control debug deature on IS.


watt.server.pipeline.processor [/size]

It specifies whether to globally enable or disable the Pipeline Debug feature. Check it out, it should be true to enable pipeline tracing.



The funny thing is I’m still on v6.5 of IS with SP3 fixes. Also, I’m able to debug other flow services. I’m doing “savePipelineToFile” and “restorePipelineToFile” for debugging purposes.

oops :slight_smile: well if i recall correctly there is similar kind of thing in older verison like 6.5 as well…

well for your case:

  1. Is pipeline is getting restored in flow,… ie. once you step through restorePipelineFromFile can you see your pipeline variable in runtime…
  2. Check if there is no access problem in reading file from pipeline package

I can see that IS is writing the pipepline to the file. When I step or trace, the pane says “Not applicable for this flow step.”