Error in creating Web Service connector from WSDL


I have a wsdl which has been created manually.

I m not able to create WS connector from it because it has two Operations. Can anybody tell if there is any possible way to create the web service connector, from such wsdl.

When I m trying to create the connector I m getting this exception…
[ITD.0012.0012] Error occurred while creating Web Service Connector
[ITU.0001.0003] The system cannot find the specified file.

I m guessing presence of two operations as root cause …what do u guys guess from these exception


Do you have any Type declaration file referecenced in your wsdl ? If yes, make sure that this file is in the same directory than the wsdl file.


The Web Services Connector does support multiple operations, so that would not be the issue. Dndoye’s suggestion appears to be on track.


Yaa…I had kept the required XSDs in the same directory but that couldn’t solve my problem.

Please post the WSDL as an attachment and we’ll have a look.


Hi ,

[SIZE=2]This is the wsdl file content…I m using to create the Web Service Connector…Please take a look & let me know if it contains any defect.

======================WSDL File Content START =============[/size]

======================WSDL File Content END===============


EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub_service.wsdl (2.54 KB)

The WSDL you pasted (and that I attached) imports two other WSDL files as shown by these lines:
<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tI” location=“D:\Ajay\Guidepost\eclipse\workspace\merge4\tI.wsdl”/>
<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tE” location=“D:\Ajay\Guidepost\eclipse\workspace\merge4\tE.wsdl”/>

Please attach these other two WSDL’s. My guess is that IS web service connector can not handle WSDL’s which import other WSDL’s even though this is a best practice recommendation.

for the code section posted

<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tI” location=“D:\Ajay\Guidepost\eclipse\workspace\merge4\tI.wsdl”/>

<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tE” location=“D:\Ajay\Guidepost\eclipse\workspace\merge4\tE.wsdl”/>

copy tI.wsdl and tE.wsdl in the same directory as the wsdl that you are trying to import i.e. “EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub_service.wsdl”

change the location in the code from “D:\Ajay\Guidepost\eclipse\workspace\merge4\tE.wsdl”


just “tE.wsdl”

and do the same for tI.wsdl.

The developer might not be able to find the full paths.

it should now look like

<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tI” location=“tI.wsdl”/>

<wsdl:import namespace=“http://localhost/EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub/service/tE” location=“tE.wsdl”/>

Hi Austin,
thanks for ur reply …but this could not solve the warning Im getting while creating the connector…
The warning I m getting is:

[ISS.0092.9043] Schema Error: 1
pathName: null
errorCode: XSDC-081
errorMessage: [ISC.0082.9702] Duplicate definition found in schema EPDMPOC_PartInfo_Pub.client.EPDMPOC_ItemInfo_Pub_servicePortType.docType:schema_tIInput with the same target namespace.
identifier: /schema/complexType[@name="__OMIItem"]

I think this is some schema error…but I m not getting what is the exact location of the error.


Hi Manish:

How are you doing with the wsdl import. If you can post all the wsdl files and XSD files , I can try to debug it on my server. What version are you working on.