Error in ALE:InboundProcess: NOT_FOUND


While sending an IDOC from SAP its being sent successfully from SAP, but at wM IS we are getting these kind of error, the content of the idoc is not displayed at wM IS the status of the idoc at wM IS is rollback.

Error in ALE:InboundProcess: NOT_FOUND
2008-06-26 11:26:21 GMT [SAP.0006.0008W] Error in inbound call for IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS from SAPR900: java.lang.RuntimeException: NOT_FOUND
2008-06-26 11:26:21 GMT [SAP.0008.0014D] Inbound tRfc: Rollback 0AA3FDAA3C5448637B5A6982
2008-06-26 11:26:21 GMT [SAP.0008.0013D] Inbound tRfc: Confirm 0AA3FDAA3C5448637B5A6982

Could any one suggest what has to be done at wM side.