Error in Adapters 4.1.1 install


Successfully installed ES 5.0.1 on HP-UX. Patched to SP7. Installed Adapters 4.1.1, with default config file path of /var/opt/activesw but new software path of /opt/software/webMethods/wment41. Install ran but message “cp/software/webMethods/wment41: file or directory does not exist” appeared in text at completion. No files were actually installed to …/wment41 and /sbin/rc3.d/S50adapters40 does not exist. Also, adapter_config does not exist. However, tried new install to default software path of /opt/wment41 but installer says existing installation already at /software/webMethods/wment41 and won’t let me continue. How do I trick the installer into thinking no software has been installed? Is there a config file holding this “/software/webMethods/wment41” path?

Hope you can help!